Our mission is
to spread the POSITIVITY

We believe that the foundation of true health begins with what you think. The quality of your thoughts determines what you attract into your life. That’s why The Drop was designed to offer mental clarity, balance and immune system support.

The Drop started in 2022 with a mission to help people holistically and naturally improve their health and overall well-being. Driven by a passion to help people lead healthier lives, The Drop supports your busy lifestyle while also nurturing better health.
We know that what we put in our bodies significantly impacts our physical and mental health. Despite this, modern agricultural practices often leave our food lacking the necessary micronutrients to support optimal levels of wellbeing. Our formulas are made to increase the bioavailability and bio-absorption of nutrients in our bodies. Our products are designed to be easily absorbed by our bodies, and to give the maximum nutritional benefits possible.
Our products were manufactured in accordance with the FDA, GMP, HACCP and developed by physicians using top quality ingredients sourced around the world.

Our Difference

Quick and more complete absorption 
Easier to digest than tablet supplements
Highly bioavailable premium ingredients
No artificial colouring and flavouring
Free from hidden sweeteners
We support UNICEF by donating 5% from every sale