Why Am I Tired All The Time? Causes Of Fatigue In Women

Published on February 18th, 2023

Last updated on March 8th, 2023

Did you know that the usual feeling of fatigue and lack of vitality impairs our mood and productivity? So the quality of life is low in general. It can be due to poor nutrition or lack of sleep. Let’s face it: the older we get, the more exhausted we become. It is part of the aging process, which is the one of the main causes of fatigue in women.

We lose mitochondria. They’re kind of the energy engines in the cells. Consequently, we produce less adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It delivers energy to cells throughout the body. Other causes of fatigue in women can also worsen the condition – for example:

  • medication side effects;
  • depression;
  • heart disease;
  • weak immunity;
  • other chronic conditions.

But, factors associated with age and disease are not the only causes of energy loss. At first glance, seemingly harmless habits can be to blame for constant fatigue.

We have identified several reasons why this happens. And some of the factors can seem unexpected. Knowing the enemy face to face, we can figure out how to correct the situation. Read on to learn more about low energy levels in females.

What Are The Causes Of Low Energy In Females?

The most widespread causes are stress, muscle blocking, and conflicts. Unlike men, women can perceive a situation more emotionally. In this regard, they feel the world is brighter and more sensitive. The peculiarities of the female psyche can explain fatigue in women. It is much more flexible and agile but also more stable.

It allows beautiful ladies to cope with high emotional stress. But here, it is necessary to know how to properly expend energy to replenish it without wasting it. Here are the causes of fatigue in women  where the energy go:

  1. stress and various disorders;
  2. unhappy relationships and unresolved issues in your personal life;
  3. excessive muscle blocking in uncomfortable postures. It could be slouching in an office chair. Stiff postures at the desk also have an effect;
  4. untreated colds or other ailments;
  5. useless thinking about the past and worrying about the future;
  6. the habit of keeping everything under control;
  7. resentment, shame, and the habit of blaming oneself;
  8. empty conversations and scrolling social media feeds;
  9. internal conflicts and unhealthy addictions;
  10. social anxiety and restless thoughts sliding from one object to another;
  11. self-digestion, self-injury, and self-criticism;
  12. unloved business.

The whole body will not function properly, especially if you waste energy and give away more than you receive. Optimizing this process to cut low energy in women makes sense for physical and mental health. Find a balance between energy expenditure and energy replenishment. Below you will find several reasons for causes of fatigue in women.

1. Thyroid Disorders

Chronic fatigue syndrome in women can occur because of thyroid disorders. The thyroid gland controls the production of many neurotransmitters. Among them, you can find:

Low thyroid activity can lead to a compensatory increase in adrenaline. It makes you feel constant tension. Also, adrenaline promotes the production of cortisol, another stress hormone. Thus, you feel tired, stressed, and exhausted simultaneously. Causes of thyroid hormone deficiency:

  • autoimmune disease;
  • damage to the thyroid gland;
  • surgical removal of the thyroid gland;
  • excess or deficiency of iodine in the diet;
  • radiation therapy.

Reduced thyroid activity is common in women as they age. Thus, we recommend carefully monitoring their levels if you wonder why I am always tired. Visit an endocrinologist once every six months for a consultation.

2. Diabetes

Fatigue in diabetes causes low energy in females. It occurs quite often in type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Several factors can provoke this condition. But with a competent approach, you can cut them all. Fatigue can occur due to the following:

  • an increase in ketones against a background of insulin deficiency;
  • a low-carbohydrate diet;
  • development of complications;
  • overweight or underweight;
  • vitamin deficiency in the fall and spring periods;
  • psychological problems in the background of diabetes.

To understand fatigue in women, you need to take a vitamin and micronutrient test. After it, you can take vitamin and mineral complexes to feel better. Thus, we recommend taking supplements in liquid form for immunity. They will help you recover faster.

3. Zinc Deficiency

It is a widespread feeling of low energy in women. The role of zinc in the human body cannot be overestimated. It participates in metabolism, increasing immune strength. It also has powerful antioxidant properties. Zinc activates more than 200 enzymes. The body uses them to digest food and absorb valuable nutrients.

Studies have shown that if the body does not get enough zinc, it signals low energy levels in females with the following symptoms:

  • impaired night vision;
  • constant eye fatigue;
  • hair loss;
  • gray skin tint;
  • impaired taste and sense of smell;
  • digestive disorders;
  • slow healing of wounds;
  • loss of concentration;
  • dystrophy;
  • disturbance of the nervous system;
  • high nervous excitability;
  • irritability;
  • rapid fatigue.

Doctors call zinc a “beauty mineral”. And they say not only about external beauty but also about internal beauty. So its lack can cause of low energy in females. After all, by taking this supplement you will be able to shine from the inside out.

We recommend that you take zinc as part of a vitamin complex. Zinc supplements in a liquid form have proven to be the best. Because they are easier for your body to absorb. Try them and see how well they work!

4. Liver Diseases

Liver diseases are very insidious. The organ has no nerve endings of its own. That’s why even with serious injuries, we don’t feel pain. This can be a rather unobvious symptom of low energy in women.

It only appears when the liver increases in size and stretches the liver capsule. Also, the liver has a powerful ability to compensate. Thus, diseases can last for years asymptomatically.

Then fatigue can be the only signal of causes of fatigue in women. It appears to be due to the poor processing of toxins. And subsequently, their effect on the nervous system. You can also experience:

  • a feeling of heaviness under your right ribs;
  • yellowing of the mucous membranes;
  • yellowing of the nails and sclerae, as if you had too many carrots.

Causes of liver disease include not only alcohol but also obesity. Fat affects liver cells and can lead to liver degeneration causing low energy in women. Viral hepatitis is also a big part of it. An experienced doctor should refer such a patient for tests. Because the examination is not very informative. After all, the liver does not hurt and is hidden under the ribs.

5. Habitual Resentment

Many people do not want to admit that they often experience resentment. Habitual discontent sometimes appears in all of us. Situations in which it falls can be very different. You can read the following examples:

  • A woman is hard-pressed by the ingratitude of her own family, for whom she has done so much. Now, while helping people, she feels no energy boost from this activity. She feels the usual resentment in advance that no one “will even thank her”;
  • A woman is afraid to get acquainted with men. It is the first sign of low energy in women. The main reason is that she doesn’t want to experience rejection. Her online dating profile reads, “Those who just want to make fun of me, please go away!” Habitual resentment dictates such words. She feels a decline of energy instead of feeling the interest of new acquaintances.

Low energy levels in females occur while feeling habitually resentful if they:

  1. have a habit of mentally making excuses, arguing, explaining, and proving; 
  2. often compare themselves to others and feel that others undervalue them. You think you can have a better life than you have now;
  3. are angry in advance at the person or society. Because you expect them to be misunderstood, indifferent, or ridiculed. Accordingly, you avoid communication for these reasons.

6. Excessive Competition With Men

Mothers who taught their girls to compete with boys are another option. These are successful women at a mature age who cannot build a relationship with a decent man. It is one of the most prevalent causes of low energy in females.

Psychologists say that parents should praise boys for their achievements. Because it fosters in them a healthy male thirst for victory and resilience to defeat. But girls must be constantly reminded of their results and successes – it’s just a nice bonus, not an end. She, of course, achieves specific successes in adulthood when:

  • the girl’s parents constantly force the girl to be better than the boys;
  • lead the children of their friends as an example to inherit;
  • expect her to win first places, diplomas, and medals. 

But the personal life of such women does not look so rosy. Accustomed to competition and winning, such a woman repels worthy men. So it causes fatigue in women. Strong men, sensing these signals, instantly lose interest in her. Because they are looking for a woman for themselves, not for another man to fight for supremacy.

7. Constant Deserving Of Love And Attention

If you get an “A,” you’re good. If you clean your room, then we’ll talk. Take the groceries to Grandma. Then we’ll praise you. Just being born and having your parents love you is not enough. You have to do something to make others notice you all the time. And then maybe people will say a kind word to you.

It is one of the most common causes of fatigue in women for a woman’s lack of energy as an adult. It is the only way she can confirm the right to her existence and recognition. Because a woman who, since childhood, is accustomed to rough activity in someone else’s favor, feels guilty:

  • when she does nothing;
  • when she just rests;
  • when she enjoys silence and relaxation.

After all, these are such necessary things to recharge her inner battery. 

8. Awkwardness In Displays Of Femininity And Sexuality

“Shame on you! How can you be so frivolous!” – Girls who have often heard such (or worse) words from relatives, primarily their mothers, voluntarily give up what makes them feminine as adults. So think before saying these words to cause fatigue in women.

A wise mother will encourage her daughter. It is important when her little girl develops into a beautiful young woman. She will tell her that her little girl is the most beautiful. She also can advise her:

  • how to dress;
  • how to dress properly;
  • how to take better care of herself.

Emotionally cold, frightened, resentful, and disconnected from her femininity, the mother will begin to attack her daughter. She will forbid her to develop sensuality, the ability to flirt, to be attractive. “What will the neighbors say?”  It is quite spread the cause of fatigue in women.

9. Habitual Anxiety

This is a very understandable and also well-known cause of low energy in women. Sometimes it is easier to detect than habitual resentment. For example, you can recognize yourself in the following situations:

  • A woman is afraid of flying on airplanes. She doesn’t usually fly, but she faces the inevitable flight to and from the United States in August. Even though it’s only April, she has already begun to get anxious, which takes a lot of her energy;
  • A woman has taken a test that can confirm or deny the unpleasant diagnosis. The results come seven days later, and she knows he won’t be able to work at his best for all those seven days.

But there are also less obvious cases of low energy levels in females. Some of us are very good at hiding our anxiety from ourselves, making it completely unconscious. Perhaps it’s habitual anxiety that’s eating your energy if you:

  • hate to rest and pause, strive to fill your entire day with beneficial activities;
  • for some reason, you can not sit still. Though your mood is not cheerful, you want to walk, it is difficult to concentrate.

Bottom Line

If you have explored all possible causes of fatigue in women and found yourself, we recommend you act. Sessions with a therapist can be a good help. But also, do not forget to support your psycho-emotional state from within. Use liquid supplements for this purpose. A new formula can quickly penetrate the body and act quickly. In this way, you can maximize your energy level and bring happiness. And never forget that being born and being a woman is real happiness.


Is It Normal For A Woman To Be Tired All The Time?

No, it’s not normal. Constant fatigue indicates a critical state of the body. You need to consult with a doctor and take advantage of the recommendations.

Why Am I Always Tired And Have No Energy?

The reason is stress. If you are constantly worried during the day and nervous, you will feel tired in the morning. An anxious person can have muscle aches, dizziness, and constantly be distracted.

Should I Worry About My Tiredness?

You should worry when fatigue leads to real health problems. Headaches and muscle tension are signs that it’s time to see a doctor.

How Do You Fix Low Energy And Fatigue?

Meditation is recommended. You can also reconsider your diet and add healthy supplements. Don’t forget to get regular sleep.

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