Foods That Make You Tired: 5 Foods Never To Eat

Published on March 22nd, 2023

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023


Have you drunk coffee and had a delicious meal, but don’t you feel energetic? Most often, people do not suspect their fatigue is sometimes related to food. After all, after consuming specific products, you can feel great exhaustion. If this happens to you, this indicates the consumption of unhealthy food:

  • white bread;
  • sweets;
  • alcohol;
  • fatty meat;
  • coffee.

Your energy levels go up and down a bit throughout the day. It is the norm. But many factors can affect this process. And one of the most important is your way of eating. The fact is that food replenishes the body with energy. 

But this only happens if it is correctly selected. And if you consume foods that make you tired, they can take a long to digest or contain insufficient fiber. In such cases, you should not expect an increase in productivity. It only decreases your productivity and concentration

So, you should choose your diet correctly. Only in this way can you get energy from food and not allow products to take it away.

5 Top Foods That Cause Fatigue


Unhealthy food that makes you tired includes alcohol, chips, fast food, and more. These harmful products tend to contain chemicals and trans fats. It is processed with carbohydrates and a lot of sugar. 

So, their regular use lowers a person’s energy level and can lead to anxiety. But, unfortunately, many people do not attach importance to this. Delicious junk food is more enjoyable than thinking about its consequences. 

But the number of carbohydrates causes various diseases. Of course, the body sometimes needs them to raise blood sugar levels. But some foods contain so many carbohydrates and trans fats that they cause chronic fatigue. To protect yourself from such consequences, keep a list of food that causes fatigue. Thus, you will know what products you shouldn’t eat:

1. Defatted products

Most people think that defatted products are not harmful to health. But low-fat yogurts and cheeses are not as dietary as they seem:

  • By technologically removing fats from products, manufacturers replace them with flavor enhancers and other additives. 
  • They do this to compensate for the taste along with the calorie content. 
  • Besides, to increase the shelf life of such products, manufacturers add trans fats to them. 

So, it turns out that it is food that only makes you tired. Because thanks to various chemical additives, they harm the body.

2. Chips

Chips are among the top 5 foods never to eat. The fact is that chips contain a lot of low-quality oil, which makes them harmful:

  • During their production, potatoes go such a long way that nothing remains of their former usefulness. 
  • Besides, it affects mental activity. 
  • As a result, a person feels heaviness in the stomach and general fatigue. 

So, this food is a high-calorie product. It lacks vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

3. Fast food

Fast food contains only carbohydrates, salts, and fats:

  • Such food is high in calories but very low in nutrients. It is exactly what people love to abuse. 
  • And if fast food also replaces a significant part of nutritious whole foods in the diet, this has many negative consequences for health. 
  • Excess weight is only the beginning. If you regularly eat fast food, you can get many problems with your general well-being. 
  • Over time, this leads to brain fog. After all, high caloric content and difficult digestion exhaust the human body. 

So it is why fast food is in the top 5 foods to never eat.

4. Sweets

Foods with a lot of sugar can give energy for only a short time. After a long time, a feeling of fatigue sets in:

  • It’s because most store-bought sweets contain very harmful trans fats. 
  • Also, they mainly consist of carbohydrates. 
  • And this number is much higher than the norm. 
  • Thus, sweets negatively impact health. It leads to cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and obesity

This food takes so much energy that it makes you tired. Common symptoms of this are weakness, drowsiness, and reduced productivity.

5. Hot pastries

Hot pastries are a favorite treat for many people. But regular eating of this food can cause fatigue and diseases:

  • To make the pastry chubby and porous, bakers add yeast to the dough. 
  • In the process of their fermentation, carbon dioxide releases. 
  • And if you eat even a tiny amount of hot bread, fermentation processes are activated in the stomach. 
  • As a result, the acidity of gastric juice will increase, which is terrible for your well-being. 
  • Accordingly, it takes away your energy for increased digestion of food. 

Thus, these foods can cause significant health problems.

Best Supplements and Food for Boosting Energy

The best energy supplements are those in liquid form. And the best food is that which is rich in vitamins and minerals. The type and quantity of food are important. It plays a role in determining energy levels throughout the day. Thus, if you do not want to have problems with fatigue, you should avoid foods that make you tired:

  • Replace the harmful with fruits, vegetables, and liquid drops. It will help increase your energy and push you to feel better. 
  • Make a menu for yourself and approach your diet correctly. 
  • Base your approach on food products’ energy value and the number of useful components. Thanks to energy products, you can reduce the impact of stress on the body. 

Most people reach for coffee when they need to cheer up. Because they believe that this is a product that can raise the energy level. Yes, it can do that, but only for a short time. 

After all, coffee is on the list of top 5 foods never to eat. It causes fatigue after a specific time. So, to know what better to eat for body energy instead of fatigue, use such products and supplements from below.

1. Whole grains

Replace food that causes fatigue with whole grains. The body converts carbohydrates into energy. Simple sugars are quickly destroyed, giving a short-term boost of energy. And it contributes to the accumulation of fats. In contrast, whole grain products provide a long-lasting energy boost:

  • It includes oat, rye, and barley porridge. Whole grain bread, barley, and brown rice are also good. 
  • They will help you spend the day energetically and not get tired. 
  • Besides, cereals contain many essential and useful nutrients. 
  • They contribute to the gastrointestinal tract’s health, digestion acceleration, and skin beauty.

2. Nuts

Hazelnuts, almonds, and pistachios are natural energy accumulators. Studies have shown that nuts saturate the body with nutrients well. They are convenient to take with you for a snack and add to dishes to diversify the diet:

  • Hazelnuts reduce bad cholesterol and contain biotin. This vitamin allows the body to produce energy. So, hazelnuts are food that can’t make you tired.
  • Almonds are rich in protein, magnesium, and vitamin B2. It ensures the coordinated work of internal organs.
  • Pistachios contain a lot of fiber and essential amino acids. It promotes the active work of organs and productivity.

3. Food supplement drops for immunity

Are you feeling tired? Your body can be too weak to digest food for energy. After all, poor immunity causes organ failure. And when you consume food, it is harder to digest. Thus, you should increase your immunity without affecting you. You can do this with liquid drops for immunity:

  • Using them in drops is very convenient. 
  • They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. 
  • It is exactly what your body needs to improve health and grow power.

4. Food supplement drops for mental health

Poor emotional health often pushes people to consume foods that can cause fatigue. They try to cover up the problem of stress by drinking sweets or alcohol. But this only makes the body worse. Thus, to avoid such problems, pay attention to the consumption of drops for mental health:

  • Due to its adaptogens and rich composition of vitamins, it will save you from mental issues. 
  • Liquid drops act with incredible speed. Thus, you can feel better and healthier by improving your mental state. 
  • Accordingly, the craving for harmful foods will disappear.

5. Proteins

Proteins supply the body with stable energy, which the body consumes more slowly. Besides, it is a source of tyrosine. That is, these are amino acids that support mental activity. By replacing foods that make you tired with proteins, you will feel a surge of strength:

  • Protein contains in meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. It is necessary for muscles. After all, they give a long-lasting feeling of satiety. 
  • Greek yogurt and milk products speed up metabolism and are rich in the vitamin B complex. It stimulates the brain. 
  • For a vegetarian diet, tofu and legumes are suitable. You can add it to breakfast for cheerfulness and vitality.


Your well-being is equal to your consumption of products. If your diet consists only of carbohydrates and trans fats, it will cause complications in your body. Then, it will be unable to absorb vitamins because they are absent in harmful foods. 

So, consume healthy food to improve your energy and remove fatigue. And also, add liquid drops to your diet. It will go a long way in helping you feel your best.


Does bread make you tired?

Yes, it does but very rarely. It can be the case if the bread contains a lot of gluten and your body does not accept it. Or the reason can be the high-calorie content of bread.

Why does oatmeal make me sleepy?

The grains in oatmeal stimulate the production of insulin. It increases the sugar level in the blood, provoking a state of sleepiness.

Should I be worried if I fall asleep after eating?

Yes. After all, the constant desire to sleep after eating is not the norm. It indicates increased fatigue that various diseases can cause.

Can I lie down 30 minutes after eating?

No. You can go to bed only after three hours after eating. It is the perfect amount of time to digest food.

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