How To Increase Brain Power: 9 Working Ways

Published on February 12th, 2023

Last updated on March 8th, 2023

Do you know that the brain is a muscle? It requires regular exercise, proper “fuel,” and recovery. All you need for this is to do chronic mind stimulation. But how to increase brain power? Well, to boost your brain power, you should:

  • Eat healthy food;
  • Meditate;
  • Take drops for mental performance;
  • Do physical exercises;
  • Follow a proper sleep schedule.

Have you ever been in a situation where you tried to remember something crucial but couldn’t? It is due to memory impairment. It can happen at any age, even if you are young. And the main reason for this is a violation of the brain’s cognitive functions. 

When the brain does not receive enough nutrients and energy, it can not function properly. Accordingly, all other brain processes also deteriorate. Then a person faces a weakening of concentration and general brain activity. Fortunately, you can get rid of this. There are many ways by which you can increase brain power. The main thing is to follow them regularly.

9 Proven Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

The right way of life is not just a template everyone should follow. It is a way to be healthy both physically and mentally. And first of all, it refers to the health of your brain. When you have enhanced brain function, your organs work better. Accordingly, it reduces the risk of memory disorders and anxiety. So what can you do to increase brain power? Keep a list of useful ways:

1. Do Physical Activity

During sports, our brain saturates with oxygen. So, any physical activity contributes to creating neural connections in the brain. It improves vascular tone and reduces stress. Thus, it prevents the reduction of brain mass due to ageing.

And it stimulates the development of nervous tissue. Besides, regular physical exercise helps people prevent dementia later in life. And for this, it is unnecessary to do intense sports. It is enough of the most straightforward activities for great mind stimulation:

  • Walking

The effect of walking is the same as that of sports. A half-hour walk speeds up blood circulation in the brain. So, it improves memory and concentration.

  • Dancing

During dance classes, you need to remember the movements. It perfectly boosts brain power.

  • Running

It stimulates brain operation in general and increases motivation.

Choose the sport that you like the most. And start doing this not suddenly but gradually. Then your brain will enjoy physical activity and be healthy.

2. Get A Good Sleep

Sleep is as essential as food and the air. But the current pace of life puts our rest on the back burner. People who are regularly sleep-deprived have lower scores on mental function tests. It means that improper sleep worsens the condition of our brains. It causes depression, stress, memory impairment, and loss of strength.

Your brain works while you sleep. So, it is crucial to sleep a usual number of hours:

  • It increases brain power and avoids the appearance of mental health problems; 
  • In a dream, new neural connections appear, and the neural network strengthens. It is what people need for brain power and human memory formation;
  • Thanks to proper sleep, you will think faster and be more energetic.

3. Start Right Nutrition

A balanced diet guarantees an excellent physical shape and a good mood. Healthy food provides our brains with optimal “fuel.” That is, healthy food is a natural mind stimulation. Thanks to this, we have a good memory and attention and solve various problems better.

The brain benefits significantly from micronutrients. Antioxidants in fruit and vegetables fight free radicals that destroy brain cells. But besides these products, others are also good for increasing brain power:

  • Oily sea fish: contains a large amount of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. From these acids, our body produces the substance myelin. It is the material for nerve fibers;
  • Eggs: contain a lot of choline. It is a substance that helps us concentrate and improve nerve cells’ efficiency. Regular consumption of eggs will allow you to keep your brain in good shape;
  • Walnuts: regular consumption of walnuts increases serotonin levels. It helps to resist depression and willingly undertake mental work;
  • Apples: their regular use improves brain vessels, preventing clogging. Thus, the brain will always work flawlessly, and the danger of hemorrhages will also decrease;
  • Blueberry: this berry is a source of antioxidants. They are necessary for enhanced brain function. So, antioxidants in blueberries allow for ending harmful substances that damage brain cells.

4. Do Meditation

Meditation is a way of controlling consciousness, including about 40 different practices. Scientists have proven that regular exercises make the brain seven years younger. It is because meditation performance can boost brain power. Over the past decades, much evidence emerged describing positive effects on the brain:

  • Meditation reduces the level of anxiety and stress. It is because neurotransmitters are less stuck on the stressful stimulus;
  • It improves attention, memory, and decision-making by training conscious focus. In the process of meditation, the number of folds of the cerebral cortex increases. So, it contributes to more balanced decision-making;
  • It is good for increasing brain power due to the storage of gray matter in the brain. It is crucial for its normal functioning;
  • Meditations limit the flow of unnecessary information to the brain. So, they increase creativity and the ability to think outside the box;
  • It reduces pain sensitivity due to a decrease in activity in the areas of pain perception;
  • It produces awareness that affects the area of ​​the brain that regulates emotions.

5. Listen To Music

Music is one of mind stimulation. Scientists call music the easiest way to develop the brain. And it doesn’t matter whether you listen to music, play a musical instrument, or sing along to a melody. Either way, it has a positive effect on your brain. And the main advantage is that music has several useful influences at the same time:

  • It activates creativity: the brain’s right hemisphere is responsible for creative processes. Medium-volume background music is a catalyst for creative processes. It stimulates abstract thinking and sets the brain in creative mode;
  • It improves logical thinking: people who play musical instruments have more effective logic. It happens due to the perception of information by ear, motor skills, and increasing vocabulary through lyrics.

Devote at least 15 minutes to music during the day, and you will notice enhanced brain function.

6. Take Vitamins For Mental Performance

Mental health depends on the functioning of the brain. When the brain performs its processes properly, a person has a good emotional and mental state. But mental health fails when the brain can not work correctly. As a result, stress, depression, and other psychological disorders arise.

Liquid drops for mental performance can cope with this problem perfectly. It is an innovative mix of adaptogens that can improve well-being. What are they good for the brain? Adaptogens are natural remedies that stimulate the body’s defenses. They increase stress resistance and improve mental performance. Thus, vitamins and supplements can boost brain power.

One of the most significant advantages of these liquid drops is that they are entirely natural. It is the main reason they are better than regular pills, which usually contain toxic additives.

Moreover, liquid supplements are easier for your body to absorb. This way, they enhance the effect of brain activity many times better. Besides, it has many other advantages:

  • GMO-free;
  • Does not contain gluten;
  • No added sugar.

So, drops for mental performance are mind stimulation – a helpful tool for the brain. Taking drops is beneficial for increasing brain power and also for overall health. It will improve your mood and enhance the performance of cognitive processes.

7. Do Exercises For The Brain

To improve the physical shape of the body, we do sports. The same goes for the brain. To increase brain power, you need to do exercises for this. There are quite a few, and you can do them whenever you want. The main thing is to do exercises regularly to achieve a good result:

  • Read: while reading, brain activity increases, and blood circulation improve. As a result, memory enhances. And reading keeps the neurons and synapses of the brain in good shape;
  • Memorize verses: try to memorize a small verse each week. And then repeat it after a specific time. So you can increase such a function of the brain as memorization;
  • Learn foreign languages: such mind stimulation activates the brain cells. Thanks to it, you teach how to structure and analyze information;
  • Change your routine: you can choose a different route, start writing with your left hand, take a shower with your eyes closed, or learn to juggle. It will help the brain to wake up before inactive areas and function better.
5 Brain Exercises to Improve Memore and Concentration

8. Remember To Relax

The brain needs to rest to process the received information efficiently:

  • To do this, turn off your thinking and immerse yourself in your feelings. You need to rest before the appearance of fatigue or with the first signs of it. 5-15 minutes is enough for mind stimulation and our central mental muscle relaxation;
  • Besides, travelling and learning something new positively affect the brain and intellect. A person who does not develop their horizons risks having memory problems in old age;
  • So, discover new places, talents, and abilities. Try to meet different people and communicate with them. And remember the main thing – don’t give all your energy to work without any leftovers;
  • Take small breaks during working hours. For example, five-minute breaks for every half hour of tension. It can be a walk in the fresh air or listening to relaxing music.

Such a careful attitude to the work of your brain will increase your brain power. Accordingly, you will not have a feeling of fatigue or stress.

9. Limit Alcohol Consumption

For excellent mind stimulation, it is essential to avoid alcohol. Its excessive use is the leading risk factor for dementia:

  • Alcohol interferes with the brain’s communication pathways. This way, it can affect how the brain works poorly;
  • Alcohol badly affects areas of the brain that control balance, memory, and speech;
  • Long-term use of alcohol in large doses causes changes in neurons. In particular, it decreases in size.

One of the severe consequences of alcohol abuse is memory loss. It happens due to blocking the transfer of memories. So, the only way to increase brain power in this situation is to remove alcohol from your life. People who do not drink alcohol are much healthier and mentally more capable than those who do.


As you can see, memory can be trained like a muscle. Choose the methods that suit you, experiment, try different exercises, and alternate them. Also, follow a healthy lifestyle.

Remember about physical activity and healthy eating. And be sure to take vitamins or supplement drops. Even taking them for brain prevention can improve your overall well-being. So, follow these tips, and you will know how to increase brain power and maintain its performance.


How to stimulate your brain?

To stimulate the brain, do the next:
1. Solve crosswords or put together puzzles;
2. Read at least 15 pages a day;
3. Play mind-stretching games like bingo, bridge, chess, or computer game;
4. Engage in physical activity.

Why is my brain so slow?

It can be the cause of many problems. But among the most important are lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Brain performance slows when these things happen to a person for a long time.

How can I activate my brain naturally?

It is difficult to activate the brain, especially after stress. But with the help of proper nutrition and good sleep, you can do it fast. Also, take liquid supplements. They are a primary natural source of energy and brain health.

Does the brain get worse with age?

Yes. With age, changes occur in all brain processes. Mainly, they are damaging as a person ages. But all these transformations can be slowed down with the help of the proper lifestyle and the consumption of vitamins.

What is the best brain food?

Foods linked to better brain power. It includes all vegetables, fruits, and greens. Also, nuts, berries, fatty fish, meat, and cabbage are helpful for the brain. They contain folic acid and vitamin K, which positively affect brain function.

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