How To Remember Everything? Ways To Boost Your Memory

Published on November 29th, 2022

Last updated on February 5th, 2023

Life is endless information processing, and you must keep track of many data, events, and contact details. Everyone should remember a lot to maintain excellent work performance indicators, pass exams, or have permanent access to password-supported services. To strengthen your memory abilities, you may find several remembering methods, extraordinary and traditional, for improving your health in general:

  • Indicate associations;
  • Correlate mnemonic words;
  • Introduce the rational approach based on everyday remembering of new words;
  • Do special physical exercises;
  • Diversify the dietary formulas enriched by nutritional supplements.

Indeed, excellent memory qualities mainly depend on the healthy brain qualities of the respective eating habits. In particular, permanent supplementation of liquid nutrients strengthens the central nervous system and increases its work performance. So, without vitamins and minerals, you could hardly make your memory remember essential things.

Best Remembering Methods At Your Pleasure

Sometimes, you might regret that your brain is not a hard disk with a memory enlargement option. The busy lifestyles force everyone to keep in mind a lot of information, and physical abilities seem to be limited. Nevertheless, neurologists and human memory experts recommend the most effective techniques and tips to reproduce details about everyone and everything.

1. Spaced Repetition

The spaced repetition concept reflects the scheduled revisions of the studying notes, with a gradual increase of the indicated periods. This method is popular among responsible moms who help their kids to teach complicated educational materials. To realize the nature of such an effective remembering method, you may discover the simplified formula:

Y = 2X + 1,

Where Y – a day you must repeat the studied materials, new vocabulary, or foreign language words; and X is a day after the last repetition session.

Scholars and university students should include this medium to remember everything and take advantage of information from several disciplines simultaneously. The spaced repetition equally divides the memory loading and reduces the brain’s overwhelming.

2. The Leitner System

Like spaced repetition, this scientific approach facilitates organizing vast volumes of information. Also, you retain the memory concentration required to manage different objects, educational materials, and events. Many students are eager to leverage this technique. However, project managers and educators would benefit from the data manipulations using flashcards.

So, everyone writes down a word on one side of the flashcard and its explanation on the other. The only rule you should follow is one card contains one point or fact. In addition, for the kids’ education specifications, you may arrange the flashcards by the particular categories:

  • The first box, or “red container,” comprises the cards you should remember and everything complicated for self-understanding. Typically, you need regularly pay attention to the first box and review the inputs for better brain processing;
  • The second box, or “yellow container,” is full of cards with familiar information. These terms or phrases are well-known, and reviewers require them to remember some details if needed. In other words, you may keep flashcards with practicing information here you have not realized;
  • The third box, or “green container,” consists of cards you have studied. However, you may have some assumptions about the long-term storage of that information without appropriate updates.

The cutting-edge technologies simplify your remembering efforts and allow many Leither System apps. So, you may enlarge your memory size and not craft unique flashcards.

3. Visual Memory Improvements

The famous worldwide painter, Ivan Aivazovsky, became a creator of beautiful masterpieces and visual memory-improving methods. This medium is straightforward, and you may practice appropriate exercises in a few steps:

  • Training for optical abilities. Kids and people with cognitive dysfunctions could improve their memory by better remembering colors, tints, shapes, and other graphic effects. The best exercise is demonstrating a picture with multiple coloring ranges and plenty of tiny details. Give a viewer 1 to 5 minutes to remember everything they see. After that, ask to reproduce the observed visibility elements with personal imagination skills. The self-painted copy should maximally comply with the origin without significant omissions. Gradually, you may set the time limits for faster work outcomes and imagination stimulation activities;
  • Color gaming. This action is essential as a part of the therapy program prescribed to dementia-positive patients. But toddlers are also an appropriate target group for this visual memory optimization method. To this end, put several items of different stunning colors on a flat, neutral surface. A bed, sofa, or floor would be perfect for this task. Ask a viewer to remember a subsequence of the presented objects. After a few minutes, someone who remembers the right things must leave an experiment room for a while. Mix the items randomly and break the immediate order of their positions. Welcome a person back and let them fix the mistakes.

Visual memory exercises are vital to boost creativity and develop new areas of imagination fluctuations.

4. Mnemonic Words Technique

This word-remembering method encourages practitioners to explore more exciting phrases and scientific data without exhaustive memorizable exercises. Your memory grows, especially if you intend to study a new language or remember business partner details. The central concept refers to building strong association ties between a new word and existing knowledge.

For kids, this technique is preferable because they can find a clear analogy between details they have already known and something they will remember. As such, abstractive materials described in manuals and handbooks transform into simple things children can quickly realize.

According to the available neurological fact-findings, medical mnemonics consists of several valuable types you may combine for higher productivity and faster results.

Mnemonic Technique TypesNeurological BackgroundExamples
AcronymsAccording to linguistic algorithms, this method foresees highlighting the first letter of each sentence member and finding the particular word with a similar initial character. As such, your brain combines the received knowledge with phrases you should remember. Also, the neurons involved perform critical analytical and logical abilities to merge the pairs of words.You may find many examples of curious letter codes grouped by the age or development level of the viewers. In addition, the acronyms could demonstrate various subtypes of word mixture:1) the word “HOMES” could comprise initial letters of the Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior;2) social media and popular messages integrate acronyms into their “official” language – LOL (laugh out loud), OMG (Oh, my God), ILY (I love you);3) international and national organizations and authorities use the acronym to simplify communication activities, like the NATO – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
AssociationWhen any person remembers essential things resembling their pet or family member’s names, their brain builds logical ties and encourages imagination modifications. In such a way, you can increase your IQ and vocabulary size.Children who study crafts and new professions could associate a potter with the most famous wizard – Harry Potter.Office managers or team leaders remember new staff members making beneficial associations. Thus, a new trainee, Tom, could resemble your close friend’s or grandpa’s first name.
ChunkingChunks are bite-sized information you may easily remember. According to neurological research, the average short-term memory capacity consists of seven items. Therefore, numbers and symbols require a specific approach to expand short-term memory abilities and stimulate the human brain to accumulate numerological information on demand.You may subdivide cell numbers, insurance codes, or email passwords into small groups of two or three digits.Most mobile operators help to remember numbers, presenting the unique style with international, national, local, and personal codes: + 1 (646) 555 – 17 – 49.
Method of lociThe “memory palace technique” is about the algorithm of actions typical for project implementation or IT industries. Such a method forces the human brain to build complicated logical ties between a set of words you should remember. Regular training of the central nervous system strengthens its flexibility and reduces the risks of severe mental disorders.The best example is to build associations with your routine shopping list. Imagine your spouse asking you to visit a store after work and buy eggs, bowls of milk, paper towels, dishwashing soap, and some sweets.To remember everything from the shopping list, you need to imagine an everyday family morning:1. You enter the kitchen and see your wife cooking an omelette with eggs and milk;2. Younger kids try to steal some sweets from the table before breakfast;3. After the meal, all family members clean the kitchen table with paper towels and add soap to wash the dishes.
Rhymes and songsShort poems and songs are helpful tools to treat communication disorders and renovate deteriorated dysfunctions. However, most children development experts know each kid remembers things around them faster using funny little songs. Therefore, neurologists and speech therapists recommend this remembering method to recover mental health for patients with language disorders, dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.One of the most influential singing poems is candle songs:
Five little monkeys jumping on the bedOne fell off and bumped his headMama called the doctor, and the doctor said,“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”…,
Love lyrics by Shakespeare would also be a perfect memory-treating device for everyone who wants to expand their vocabulary size.

5. Storytelling And Retelling

Many researchers consider this memory improvement technique affordable and guarantee prolonged effects. The operational concept includes a rule to integrate a creative approach to complicated historical or scientific facts. Based on academic experience, memory improvement experts suggest replacing unreasonable remembering of everything you read in the manuscripts, handbooks, and manuals, like dates, names, and theoretical justifications, with investigation activities.

For instance, students who try to pass exams about the Civil War in the US should enrich their educational efforts with thematic films. Even romantic movies like “Gone with the Wind” would be an excellent stimulant to discover the nation’s tragedy and compare the subsequence of events. The documentary episodes of thematic shows also present different scientists’ opinions on such historical events.

6. Logic Framework Cards

Project managers and business analysts could correctly assume that a traditional tree of problems and solutions is one of the modified logic framework cards to remember everything. Such a method preferred by educators and analysis experts means a card with the main point in the centre and a range of roots and brunches leading to crucial thoughts. The structured items logically demonstrate connections between processes, objects, and events you need to realize.

At the very end, users of these cards train their brains to find solutions and bear in mind different information without significant effort.

7. Memory Stimulation Music

Acoustic sounds with nerve stimulation effects benefit your memory capacities and increase the number of words you may remember at a particular time. Unlike the remaining remembering methods, this recommendation is a more accompanying measure to enhance processing and storage results for everything you wish to know.

Music also helps to calm, focuses on what you should do, and neglects aggravating factors. Distressful mental states are harmonic to accept new information and keep it long-term.

8. Memory Training Games

Everyone can improve their memory capacities with special apps. Many logical puzzles train your brain and increase remembering chances due to a non-traditional method. To minimize the adverse effects of gadget addiction for your kids, adjust the fixed time for particular exercises. In addition, people with progressive neurological disorders or those who want to prevent some dangerous mental diseases should pay attention to sudoku or crossword practices.

Both activities are essential to teach new terms and keep your brain’s neurons active. For instance, people with a positive Parkinson’s diagnosis should include puzzle-based actions in their daily schedules and spend much time finding valuable clues.

9. Healthy Sleeping Sessions

If you notice someone who remembers many things quickly, it does not mean unique gene codes or a special gift. However, a good rest is an essential secret of your unlimited memory capacities. In particular, healthy sleeping conditions are a background for the powerful central nervous system, which could fight stress and emotional collapses.

Thus, a correct organization of the preferable sleeping sessions should include the following:

  • comfortable interior climate;
  • cosy bedroom furniture;
  • special light and aromatherapy attributes;
  • relaxing sounds.

In addition, some memory experts recommend the sleeping technique to remember the educational materials or hypnosis-like therapy.

10. Meditation Practices

The consciousness-strengthening measures are important to concentrate your brain and activate memory abilities. Practicing yoga and meditation should become an accompanying procedure to the other remembering methods. The main point of such activities is to provide distressful effects and release energy for brain accumulation.

11. Making By-Hand Notes

When you write down notes, including a shopping list, scientific facts, or working statements, you repeat the particular text in your mind and visualize them. Therefore, by-hand-written items stimulate your memory to process different information and keep multitasking data 24/7.

12. Memory Boosting Supplementation

Organic nutrients enriched by vitamin C are a source of energy and strengthen brain activities.

Also, liquid supplements with higher absorption rates are essential for everyday consumption to remember everything you see, hear, or read. You may improve your dietary formula if you wish to hack your natural memory capacities and expand intelligent qualities like total vocabulary size and new knowledge storage skills.


Choose the remembering method related to your preferences or combine different ways to boost your memory abilities. Nevertheless, everyone should understand that training is less effective without nutritional substances that give the brain essential nutrients for productive operation. The liquid supplementation formula is a perfect accompanying substitution to strengthen techniques dedicated to individual vocabulary size expansion and keeping many routine details in mind.


How to remember everything?

It could sound curious, but a remembering everything concept is based on three core pillars – eat, pray, and repeat materials. In particular, this concept could be clarified:
Build your dietary formula with organic brain stimulation foods along with nutritional supplements;
Meditate regularly and sleep well to reduce stress and anxiety factors;
Organize information storage in memorizable methods and concentrate on regular repetition of words, phrases, and educational materials.

How to hack memory?

Everyone should practice training to increase memory capacities and store more information. These activities strengthen the central nervous system and process vast volumes of information you need to remember daily.

What is memory hacking?

Unlike computer technological terms, human memory hacking foresees an expansion of the natural abilities to process different data and remember them for a long-term period. Mental exercises, healthy sleeping, and regular supplementation intake demonstrated improved memory features and high brain work performance.

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