How To Set The Mood For Sex? Reasons Of Lack Of Sexy Mood

Published on March 9th, 2023

Last updated on March 9th, 2023

Have you and your partner had a perfect relationship, but the sex drive is starting to fade? Lack of sexual desire is one of the most frequent complaints of married couples. But you should not despair in such a situation. It is possible and even necessary to return to the sexy mood:

  • Create a romantic atmosphere with candles;
  • Take liquid supplements to improve health;
  • Do not be afraid to discuss sexual problems with your partner.

In a stable and long-term relationship, sexual life loses the novelty that was at the beginning. People can gradually lose their magnetism toward each other. And extra stress at work and household chores generally discourage sexual passion. Then life turns into a boring routine. But in such a situation, there is no need to divorce and conflict with a partner. You can resolve such a problem in any relationship. There are many ideas for setting the mood. The main thing is for both partners to approach this issue with common sense. Then your romantic life will get new bright colors and emotions.

4 Reasons You’re Not In The Sexy Mood

Lack of romance is equally common in both women and men. And there is a wide range of reasons that lead to this:

1. Loss Of Intimacy

Modern people are very devoted to their work, career, sport, or hobby. And they put their relationships on the back burner. But relationships, intimacy, and sexual health take work and effort. So, if you don’t work on it, it will sooner or later lead to a decreased sexy mood.

2. Physical Problems

Weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol can affect mood. All these can lead to feelings of weakness and lack of self-acceptance. It causes a significant loss of libido. As a result, an aversion to romance appears, and the mood disappears altogether

3. Bad Habits

Alcoholism, drug addiction, and even smoking suppress libido both psychologically and neurophysiologically. It reduces the activity of brain centers associated with excitement and romance. The dubious pleasure of addiction becomes brighter. And it replaces the joy of physical love.

4. Stress

With chronic anxiety, the synthesis of cortisol increases. It is a hormone that reduces sexual desire. In this state, people drink alcohol more often than usual. It also affects sexual activity and function. So, with prolonged stress, romance will not appear by itself. In this case, you need to use effective ways to set the mood in the bedroom.

How To Set A Romantic Mood?

First, you should remember that the level of attraction to the same person is not eternal. You shouldn’t expect that thrills in a relationship will last for years. The couple needs consciously resort to specific actions to maintain a sexy mood:

  • If partners experience positive emotions together, they add brightness to their sex life;
  • A couple’s life should be filled with joint growth;
  • It is advisable to ensure that loved ones do not have too many friendly forms of interaction. Because in many couples, where sexual desire is reduced, partners often treat each other as friends.

Thus, partners should develop a sense of togetherness to set a romantic mood in the bedroom. Share wishes, expectations, and fantasies. But if this is not enough for you, then follow the next tips:

1. Talk About This Issue Outside Of The Bedroom

If you want to make the connection with your partner closer, try talking about it more. An open and trusting conversation is invaluable to ensure a strong emotional connection between you. So, discuss the feelings and sensations with your partner. It is a necessity for a harmonious, romantic relationship:

  • Try to start a conversation with your partner in a neutral place;
  • Don’t try to be confrontational when discussing setting the mood. Approach this issue with caution so as not to impose complexes on your partner;
  • Be honest about your feelings and desires. It is the best way to set the mood in the bedroom;
  • Remember that talking about intimate relationships is a dialogue. You should listen and praise your partner. Share your needs with the same openness you expect from a loved one.

2. Take Liquid Supplements

Bad health, in any case, reflects in the mood. It can lead to side effects on health and lower libido. Thus, maintaining physical and mental health is necessary for setting a romantic mood. You can do this with the latest formula of supplements in liquid form. There are two types of them:

  • For Immunity

If immunity is weak, we can not talk about romantic mood. It is not possible to establish good sexual contact when you worry about physical health. The presence of any disease always makes itself felt, even during sexual contact. So, it is crucial to maintain your immunity for a good spirit. Take food supplement drops with Vitamin C for it. It will release free radicals from your body and actively fight all infections. Accordingly, the sexy mood will become better.

  • For Mental Health

Stress, anxiety, and apathy are direct obstacles to a romantic mood. And unfortunately, in everyday life, people ​​have to meet with this often. In such cases, the hope of setting a romantic mood in the bedroom disappears altogether. But even for this problem, there is a solution key. Taking liquid supplements for mental performance will help you with this. The content of adaptogens can give you an extra boost in improving your mood. It is specially designed for mental well-being and combating bad tempers.

3. Give Your Partner A Relaxing Bath

Nothing is better than a warm bath to restore a romantic atmosphere in a relationship. Besides, it helps partners relax together after a busy day. But to make the evening unforgettable, prepare for it in advance. The overall atmosphere and casualness level depend on the details’ thoughtfulness. So, you can get a sexy mood with the original parts:

  • Turn on calm music;
  • Pour champagne into glasses;
  • Scatter flower petals in and around the bathroom.

This evening, do not use electricity in favor of the mysterious semi-darkness. To do this, light ordinary candles or use massage candles. They include exciting compositions. They can awaken sensitivity and create an intimate atmosphere. Setting the mood will be successful thanks to such a surprise for the partner.

4. Develop Intimacy With Your Body

When people feel good in their bodies, they have no complexes. And body complexes are the most frequent problem for a low romantic mood. Because it can cause sexual anxiety problems. Thus, studying your body and getting pleasure from it is necessary. It primarily refers to women who often can not accept their bodies. So that this does not become an obstacle to romance, you should do the following:

  • Look at your body in the mirror. Compliment yourself and let your partner confirm it. You have to get used to it and love it;
  • Massage your belly, legs, or face to reconnect with your body. Thanks to this, the sexy mood is gradually returning;
  • Identify your erogenous zones and tell your partner about them.

Setting the mood is easy only with acceptance of your body. Do not try to reveal the sexuality and intimacy of the body through clothes and makeup. Your appearance should be a reflection of your inner state. And it’s not about the figure of your dreams but how you feel in your body.

5. Be Attractive Even At Home

Sometimes people think you should be beautiful only at work or on walks around the city. But it is not so. Remember what you usually wear at home? These are primarily old sweatpants and a stretched T-shirt. You can understand a partner who sees their loved one this way daily and loses interest. Of course, wearing something spectacular every day can be impractical and uncomfortable. But do not forget to at least sometimes please your partner with an exciting and stunning image. It is an excellent idea for setting the mood:

  • Girls can wear a satin robe and beautiful underwear;
  • Tight leggings and sweaters are also great for setting the mood. It emphasizes the figure and is attractive;
  • For men, wearing a nice T-shirt or brutal shorts is great.

It should not be festive clothes. Choose something classic, but so that it seduces. Bringing such images into everyday life, you will notice how the sexy mood and tension increase between you and your loved one.


With every year of married life, the sexy mood declines. Partners can not feel passion for each other and forget about it altogether in the relationship. It is often the cause of conflicts and misunderstandings. But you can avoid all these thanks to the right approach to the problem. Talk to your partner, change the environment, and support your health. Then your sexual energy will always be at its peak.

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How can I make my room more intimate?

Use red colors in the interior for passion;
Light candles instead of turning on the lights;
Turn on romantic music;
Fill the room with aromatic candles.

Does flirting increase attraction?

Yes. Flirting definitely adds romance to a relationship. Playful behavior and compliments in the form of flirting allow partners to feel a mutual attraction.

What makes a romantic spark?

Eye contact makes the biggest romantic spark. It also includes changing the voice to a sexual one and confident behavior in front of a partner. By combining these things, you can light a real fire of romance.

What are romantic skills?

Three core skills behind romantic competence are insight, mutuality, and emotion regulation. Thanks to this, you can bring any relationship to a new level in terms of romance.

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