What Vitamins Are Good For Weight Loss? Top 6 Vitamins

Published on February 17th, 2023

Last updated on March 8th, 2023

Did you know that lacking certain vitamins that burn fat and minerals inhibits weight loss? Nutritionists have identified these six vitamins and minerals. They help speed up weight loss. Include them in your diet and get rid of extra pounds for your health.

All vitamins play an important role in keeping the whole body functioning properly. But vitamins D, B, and C play the greatest role in weight loss. Many macronutrients and vitamins to help metabolism can also help you. Omega-3 is an essential thing for anyone who wants to lose some kilograms. The basis of any method of combating excess weight is:

  • A proper and balanced diet;
  • Enough physical activity.

But when choosing a diet, many people forget that the body is under a lot of stress during the slimming process. And thus, it needs extra substances that stimulate metabolic processes. We recommend taking special vitamins for weight loss when restricting your daily diet. They promote weight loss and support the body. We will provide you with a list of vitamins that cause weight loss. Read our article below and discover more of these vitamins.

6 Best Vitamins For Losing Weight

Problems arise from improper nutrition. Because the human body cannot synthesize most vitamins on its own. They affect the functioning of internal organs and many living systems.

All known similar supplements affect the speed of the fight against excess weight. But among them, some vitamins  are most important to speed up metabolism:

  • B vitamins. It promotes fat-burning and hormone production (cortisol, insulin, thyroxine). It also helps in the digestion of carbohydrates;
  • Vitamin C. It aids in the breakdown of glucose and increases defenses;
  • Vitamin D. It helps reduce appetite and affects calcium absorption rate;
  • Vitamin A. It is good for skin and hair, as well as visual acuity;
  • Vitamin E. It promotes metabolic acceleration and strengthens the nervous system. Also, it takes part in the reproductive system and muscle repair. It is one of the best vitamins that burn fat;
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. They have an antioxidant effect and help improve brain function. Acids also increase stress resistance and improve digestion;

The body feels stressed when a person adheres to a low-calorie mono diet with similar meals.  Thus, the need for vitamins increases to maintain energy at a high level. A sharp caloric deficit leads to a lack of vitamins to help metabolism. The body stops actively using them. As a consequence, we can notice that:

  • the metabolism slows down;
  • the weight stops at one point;
  • the weight loss process slows down.

The lack of the right components hurts physical activity. With a lack of exercise, muscles sharply decrease in volume. Because it is more helpful for the body to get rid of them first and keep the fat deposits. Thus, people don’t like the way they look, with the wrong approach. Since the body will look thin, but not fit and still overweight. Read below the list of vitamins that cause weight loss.

1. Vitamin D For Losing Weight

Vitamin D has topped the list because it synthesizes male and female sex hormones. They regulate the intensity of metabolic processes in our bodies. These vitamins are excellent for helping metabolism. Low vitamin D levels can lead to a decrease in:

  • activity;
  • mood;
  • libido with a simultaneous increase in appetite. 

As you understand, this is unlikely to contribute to weight loss. According to studies, obese people who take vitamin D lose weight faster. The people tested also adhered to a proper diet and nutrition with vitamin D.

It turns out that obese people have decreased vitamin D. It is because they eat vitamin-poor foods and get little sun exposure. And the obese need more of this vitamin. So if you starve and exercise but still can’t lose weight, check your vitamin D levels. Make up for it with supplements, foods, and walks.

2. B Vitamins For Losing Weight

We give second place in the ranking to B vitamins. We can consider them as vitamins that burn fat.  According to nutritionists, they have many advantages: 

  • they are the most important catalysts of fat oxidation;
  • they speed up the process of fat burning during exercise;
  • they also control the transmission of neuromuscular and inter-neuronal connections. 

At the same time, B vitamins do not accumulate. That is why you have to take them taken daily. It is bad to ignore this when considering what vitamins to take when losing weight. Among the B vitamins, nutritionists distinguish B1, B5, and B12. Moreover, taking liquid supplements with this vitamin can decrease your weight significantly.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine in the scientific sense) is crucial for carbohydrate metabolism. So take these vitamins to speed up your metabolism. They are helpful for the performance of all organs and systems of the body. Among other things, these vitamins:

  • are part of the plasma membranes;
  • control the digestive and nervous systems;
  • help repair damaged tissues.

3. Vitamin А For Losing Weight

Vitamin A, aka retinol, has many benefits:

  • helps improve performance;
  • quickly recover from stress;
  • speeds up the metabolism. 

Enough vitamin A for weight loss is a guarantee that the immune system will not weaken. It is especially true for women. As this often happens during dieting. Its daily norm is 900 mcg.

You cannot find vitamin A in foods in their pure form. These are one of the best vitamins to help metabolism. It comes from retinol and carotenoids. Here are examples of foods with this vitamin for weight loss. You will find retinol in the following:

  • liver (chicken, beef, pork, or fish);
  • the yolks of chicken eggs;
  • dairy products;
  • butter. 

So if you wonder what to add to your nutrition, you can take B group.

4. Vitamin С For Losing Weight

Vitamin C is also beneficial for weight loss. Among other things, it performs the function of collagen synthesis in the body. So, you can use C vitamins that burn fat. Because it also contributes to weight loss. It is a beneficial substance for weight loss:

  • First, it speeds up the metabolism;
  • Secondly, vitamin C does not contain sugar or interfere with weight loss;
  • Also, this element is very active in redox processes. 
  • Fourth, it has a positive effect on metabolism, for example:
    • protein;
    • carbohydrate;
    • cholesterol metabolism. Ascorbic acid lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Fifth, vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant. Those looking to keep their weight at the current level rather than lose it also need vitamin C.
Highest VItamin C Food

We recommend supplementing with vitamins to help metabolism in the morning. Because you “program” a decrease in the number of adipocytes throughout the new day. You can get vitamin C from:

  • vegetables (spinach, cabbage, potatoes, peppers, horseradish);
  • liquid complex supplements;
  • berries (blackcurrants, strawberries,  black chokeberry);
  • all citrus fruits.

5. Vitamin E For Losing Weight

Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) is an excellent antioxidant. Its main function is to protect fats and intracellular lipids from oxidation. So it is the best of the best vitamins for losing weight. Vitamin E is also involved in protein metabolism. It is crucial for normal activity:

  • sex glands;
  • muscular system;
  • nerve cells.

Doctors usually use it in combination with other agents:

  • for the prevention and treatment of myocardial dystrophy;
  • for rapid body adaptation to increased physical exertion.

Vitamin E can:

  • slow the aging process;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • increase vascular permeability and tone. 

And this is not all its useful properties. The daily requirement of vitamins to speed up metabolism is 20 mg for women and 40 mg for men. You can find the most vitamin E in:

  • vegetable oil;
  • peas;
  • sea buckthorn. 

There are other food sources of vitamins that burn fat as well in:

  • bran;
  • greens;
  • milk;
  • eggs;
  • liver;
  • apple seeds;
  • broccoli;
  • spinach;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • cereal germs.

6. Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Losing Weight

You should only include fish oil in your daily menu. As health problems will recede, the body will come into great shape and lose weight. This product:

  • restores skin and internal tissues. It is due to the presence of the list of vitamins that cause weight loss (D, A, and E) in fish oil;
  • blocks the stress hormone cortisol effectively;
  • turns dull hair into shiny locks. Also, it improves skin appearance and helps nail plate elasticity;
  • ensures the health of the visual system;
  • increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food;
  • helps the nervous system function;
  • reduces the risk of diabetes;
  • lowers harmful cholesterol in the blood. Also, it prevents the formation of blood clots and effectively helps the heart;
  • helps heal the thyroid gland;
  • strengthens the skeleton.

One study shows that omega-3 supplements can cut the risk of storing the food you eat as fatty deposits. It is because omega-3 fatty acids increase insulin sensitivity. Keeping your body’s cells sensitive to insulin is key to weight loss and good health. The more sensitive your cells are to insulin, the less likely the food you eat will be deposited and stored as fat.

Why Do I Need Vitamins To Help My Metabolism?

Scientists believe that even those who do not strive to lose weight but simply try to control it by keeping the caloric content of the diet in balance with physical activity do not get enough nutrients from food. If you lack micronutrients, your appearance also suffers:

  • your skin loses its elasticity;
  • the face develops rashes, and its color deteriorates;
  • the hair loses its color;
  • the nails become brittle;
  • toothaches appear.
Basics of Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Dr. Berg on Omega 3 Foods

Ultimately, problems with vitamins lead to the disruption of internal organs. The lack of vitamins to speed up metabolism and minerals for those becomes catastrophic. This is especially true for those who follow a restrictive diet. The worst thing is to eat the same food every day. It is also bad when you reduce calories below the body’s basic needs. You can read more information about reasons to take vitamins:

  • At the beginning of such diets, the weight goes away quickly enough. But soon, the weight loss stops, and health problems arise. Why does it happen? Because the body experiences a lack of energy and nutrients. Due to this, it enters a state of saving, consuming fewer calories;
  • The lack of vitamins that burn fat affects the physical activity of the person losing weight. When you reduce physical activity, muscle volume decreases faster. Since the body is ready to part with them first rather than with fat reserves, because of this, when losing weight incorrectly, people remain dissatisfied with the quality of their bodies. Even after they reach the long-awaited number on the scale. It remains loose and flabby;
  • During the first period of strict dietary restriction, this actively eliminates fluid, which is the first lost kilograms. With the fluid go microelements, and their lack deteriorates the work of the brain, reduces attention, causes memory suffering, and there is rapid fatigue;
  • Appearance also suffers due to the lack of vitamins to help metabolism. Hair becomes thin, dull, and split. The skin becomes thin. Local immunity goes down. There is a tendency for acne rashes, which worsens the complexion. Damaged nails and teeth need calcium;
  • Finally, the lack of nutrients disrupts internal organs: the gastrointestinal tract, heart, and blood vessels. Resistance decreases, and there is a predisposition to infectious diseases.

Bottom Line

Prepackaged vitamin complexes are universal tools. It is best to take them in liquid form. Because they penetrate the organizm faster. Therefore, we recommend consulting with a therapist and a nutritionist before taking any means that promote fat reduction. Use the best vitamins for losing weight and being healthy! Good luck!


Do Vitamins Help Metabolism?

Yes. Because vitamins are essential for oxidative processes. Vitamins contribute to average cell growth and the development of the entire body.

What Vitamin Speeds Up Your Metabolism?

B1 (thiamine) is mainly involved in carbohydrate metabolism. It plays a crucial role in our metabolic process. We need thiamine for average growth and development during adulthood. It increases muscle tone, and thirdly, it facilitates the digestive process.

Which Vitamin Burns The Most Fat?

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) affects carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. It also helps burn sugar. So it could also be called the “slimming vitamin”. The Riboflavin requirement for adults is 2.5-4.0 mg per day.

What Vitamins Help Regulate Metabolism?

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin A helps to assimilate iodine, so it is important for all metabolic processes. Vitamin D helps to speed up metabolism and is involved in building new muscles.

Do Vitamins Help You Lose Weight?

Undoubtedly yes. However, you also need to remember to have a balanced diet. We recommend adding minimal physical activity as well.

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