How To Manage Anxiety Without Medication?

Published on December 13th, 2022

Last updated on March 7th, 2023

managing anxiety

Are you worried, anxious, or stressed? 😡 That’s a familiar story. Especially when you’re not ready to go to the doctor to get some sedatives and anti-anxiety medications. You expect to manage anxiety without medication. Often we have so many problems running through our minds. And it sometimes happens that our psyche can no longer cope with it. 

When anxiety does not let us sleep, we can no longer think about anything else. At such moments, we focus only on the trouble, forgetting everything else. It seems that only “magic” pills will save us. There are pharmaceutical drugs that are effective for mental disorders. 

Typically the drugs only take away the symptoms but do not get rid of the cause of the illness. It seems to us that there is nothing in life but issues. But in fact, we can manage it and treat anxiety well without medication. We’ve found 12 ways that work.

Сauses Of Anxiety

There are a lot of causes, but the most popular are lack of sleep, caffeine, unhealthy diet, and social media. The triggers for anxiety are different for everyone. The most common of them include.

Lack of sleepStudies show that sleeping less than seven hours a day harms adults: It worsens physiological and mental well-being. You can feel more acutely that lack of sleep causes mood swings. Also, it increases excitability and the effect of stimulants, such as caffeine. So, you must rest well if you want to provide panic attack treatment without medication.
Coffee and other stimulantsThere are studies showing drinking coffee can increase anxiety and panic attacks. It is about three cups of espresso or 2-3 cups of tea, depending on the brewing intensity. Caffeine can:
stimulate physical sensations; increase heart rate and breathing and raise body temperature. 
The brain can mistake these symptoms for anxiety and react with growing panic. Managing anxiety without medication becomes more difficult.
Unhealthy dietFood affects not only our physical but also our psychological well-being. 
Recent studies show that diet leads to low mood and anxiety.  It occurs due to excessive consumption of fast carbohydrates. For example, it can be flour, sweets, honey, fruit, and baked products. 
Use of medicationsAll medications have side effects. So before taking medications, you should read its instructions. Particular attention you should pay to these medications:
with caffeine; based on thyroid hormones; for asthma, bronchitis, and allergies; for epilepsy; for treatment of attention deficit disorder.
We see one more reason to provide generalized anxiety disorder treatment without medication.
Social MediaA continuous news stream also affects our mental health, including anxiety. Almost anyone overly active on the Internet can be at risk for anxiety. According to the American National Sleep Foundation, people at risk are those who:
maintain four or more social media accounts; spend more than one hour a day on the web or log in more than 30 times a week; feel the constant need to check their phone.
PerfectionismThere is nothing wrong with doing your job or household chores conscientiously. But the thought of how you did the presentation can throw you off-balance.
 Unrealistic expectations and the pursuit of perfection can contribute to increased anxiety. And even it leads to stress and depression
You can quickly cure anxiety and other symptoms without medication. Of course, if it is a real reason for the disease.
HypercontrolThe desire to keep one’s finger on the pulse in all situations is normal. It is essential to do just what is necessary. A vicious circle can form, which our psyche drives us into. A person tries to control their entire life because of anxious thoughts. It leads to constant anxiety, to the rejections of expectations. They only sometimes coincide with reality and circumstances. Since they are larger than our plans. Often, hypercontrol affects both the person himself and his loved ones.

Anxiety Treatment Without Medication

Anxiety is a very energy-consuming state. The body tries in every way to draw a person’s attention to the problem that has arisen. It occurs by producing a variety of symptoms. It starts with a rapid heartbeat and ends with the exacerbation of chronic diseases. There are pretty simple steps to get panic attack treatment without medication.

1. Follow The Sleep Schedule 🌛

During sleep, the growth hormone is released. It handles the regeneration of our body, including the nervous system. Especially if we go to bed before midnight.

BBC TV program “Trust Me I’m a Doctor” and Oxford University conducted a small experiment. It referred to the influence of sleep on our psychological state. The study involved people who have a “sound sleep.” During the experiment, scientists conditioned the participants:

  • The first three nights, they had to sleep for 8 hours, which is the norm;
  • And the next three nights, they rested for 4 hours.

Each day, the participants answered questions. It helped determine changes in their psychological state, behaviour, and emotions. The results showed that negative emotions became prevalent. It happened after two nights of sleep deprivation. And it increased distrust of others and aggression. Sleep is highly significant while managing anxiety without medication.

2. Take Vitamins 💧

A widespread cause of anxiety is often a lack of micronutrients and vitamins in the human body. We recommend that you check the levels of these vital substances. Finding a remedy that can quickly compensate for the lack of all necessary elements is essential. 

The easiest way to do this is to use a complex supplement in liquid form. Its liquid structure allows it to affect the organism quickly. Also, it provides the greatest benefits. You can notice very soon:

  • an improvement in your mood;
  • absence of mood swings;
  • better skin, hair, and nails.

 It is one of the best-generalized anxiety disorder treatments without medication

3. Meditate 😇

Are you trying to calm down with meditation? It sounds logical, especially since most Buddhist monks do seem quite calm. We are all very far from monks, but it is possible to try to meditate:

  • Download any of the many apps on your smartphone and follow the instructions;
  • Meditating to calm music will help you calm down and stop worrying. At least it can be for a little while. 

Meditation is a trusted aid in overcoming psychological instability. It is one good treatment for anxiety without medication. A Johns Hopkins University study examined the relationship between practising meditation and reducing symptoms of depression. 

The research team found that the effects of meditation were comparable to depressants. In this case, it is a more practical option for overcoming difficulties. As it does not cause side effects.

Also, meditation helps to switch the work of the brain and focus on yourself, not on the noise around you.

4. Take A Breathing Practice 🚶

Thanks to breathing practice, anxiety symptoms decrease. It contributes to the following:

  • lower heart rate;
  • slower breathing;
  • decreased skin conductance. 

Breathing techniques are just as beneficial. They improve circulation and help speed up metabolism. Also, deep breathing techniques are good for anxiety cures without medication.

5. Use Exposure Therapy 😊

Don’t ignore the things that cause anxiety. For example, you need to learn English to advance in your career. But you haven’t opened a textbook in three days and are constantly scolding yourself for it. We recommend trying this panic attack treatment without medication:

  • give yourself a day off without worrying and self-pity;
  • imagine that this is an official vacation;

And then gradually get down to business:

  • you can start with one page of English text daily;
  • or watcha five-minute video.

Gradually you will accustom your body to the load and develop this habit.

6. Change Activities 🏃

It is necessary to switch from one activity to another periodically. For example, you can alternate from physical to mental activities. When you do sports, the brain functions recover with oxygen supply. The muscular system recovers by improving blood flow to the muscles.

You can do it by exercising mentally. A simple work alternation with physical activity will adjust the body’s metabolic processes. You can:

  • walk with dog;
  • jogging;
  • stretching;
  • yoga.

Also, it will speed up the nervous system’s recovery. As it contributes to its strengthening. It will help to understand how to manage anxiety without medication. 

7. Make Use Of Chamomile 💮

Do you think chamomile and chamomile tea is nothing more than a placebo? Of course, you should not expect any extreme effects from it, but it does have calming properties. And this is a powerful sedative and anti-anxiety remedy. 

Chamomile also contains apigenin. It is a substance that has been successfully tested on patients. They were suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder. After eight weeks of use, study participants felt much calmer about managing anxiety without medication. And their symptoms disappeared.

8. Take A Bite 🍎🍫

Hunger can cause feelings of anxiety and severe irritability. Stop and think. Maybe you’re hungry? A handful of something saturated with healthy fats or carbohydrates would be great for a snack. For example, it can be:

  • nuts;
  • chocolate;
  • fruit.

Pick what you like. You can recover in 10-15 minutes, your anxiety will disappear, and your mood will improve.

Nutrition experts believe that diet helps to control our mood. Also, it suppresses feelings of anxiety. Pay attention to your diet to use it as a treatment for anxiety without medication.

Leafy vegetables and meat provide you with B vitamins and folic acid. A lack of this vitamin can make you more anxious. Also, a Mediterranean diet rich in fish and vegetables is good for mental health.

9. Make Use Of Aromatherapy 🌼

Smells are significant to us. We associate some of them with calmness. Others, on the contrary, are associated with activity or become annoying. The base essential oils, like lavender, are suitable for fighting anxiety.

The scent of lavender helps to reduce anxiety and insomnia. However, lavender is not a universal option. Everyone can find the best scent for them. Try to use different fragrances as anxiety cures without medication.

10. Try To Plan 📋

Anxiety often arises from uncertainty in actions and feelings. For starters, try to find out what the anxiety is about. For example, you worry that you can be fired from your job. Before you panic, turn to the facts. 

You can look at the state of the market and the field in which your company operates. Then you can assess the workload and predict the next month’s task plan. And this doesn’t just apply to work, but to any area in which you feel anxious.

Usually, such an exercise helps you see the accurate picture. Also, you will be able to manage anxiety without medication. If you understand that everything is under control so far, you can breathe a sigh of relief, but if not, proceed to your detail. 

Write down a detailed plan of action that will help you avoid uncertainty:

  • Write out what skills you possess and where they can come in handy. It can be proficiency in illustrator or Photoshop or copywriting skills, etc.;
  • Edit your resume and prepare your cover letters to the employer;
  • Form for yourself the range of your services. You can start from the most preferred activities to the least interesting ones;
  • Make a list of potential employers to offer your services;
  • Write to them!

The work you’ve done will help you feel more confident. Now you have the plan to get out of a crisis, and treatment of anxiety without medication.

11. Communicate With Animals 😺

Talking to animals and caring for them helps relieve stress and fight anxiety. It’s not just hamsters. Of course, you can choose your animal. But some of them can guarantee to raise your oxytocin levels. For example:

  • horses;
  • cats;
  • dogs;
  • parrots. 

12. Laugh 😊

It is a simple panic attack treatment without medication that’s always with you. Scientists claim that even false laughter helps to calm down and stop worrying. It occurs when people force themselves to laugh.

Fake laughter triggers the production of dopamine, known as the happiness hormone. It clashes with cortisol, the stress hormone. Its levels increase with anxiety and excitement. The more you laugh, the better your chances of relieving anxiety.

Final Thoughts

If your anxiety doesn’t go away, you should see a doctor. Thus you can understand yourself and solve your internal problems faster. Don’t forget that your health is the most valuable thing. Going to a specialist is an act you first do for yourself.


How do you measure the level of anxiety?

To determine your level of anxiety, you can take a test of 40 short questions. The American psychologist Charles Spielberger studied more than 117 signs of human anxiety and created a scale to determine its level. Its anxiety score is divided into situational and personality anxiety.

How to breathe correctly for the treatment of anxiety without medication?

Try to use the experience of the yogis and breathe according to the 4-7-8 method. First breathe through your nose for four counts, then hold your breath for seven counts. After it, slowly exhale through your mouth, counting to eight. Do a few cycles to calm yourself or prophylactically repeat a couple of times daily.

Does green tea help reduce anxiety?

Yes, we are familiar with it as a tonic, but it can also help with anxiety. Green tea contains the amino acid L-theanine. It can lower blood pressure and slow heart rate.

How does anxiety affect the brain?

Pathological anxiety and stress are associated with developing degenerative processes and dysfunction of the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. This can increase the risk of developing disorders such as depression or dementia.

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