Training Your Brain To Be Happy In 9 Steps

Published on December 10th, 2022

Last updated on March 7th, 2023

How To Train Your Brain To Be Happy

Many people would like to become happier but do not know how to tune their brains to this. Being happy is not only pleasant but also useful. It has a positive effect on all areas of life and, first of all, on health. However, much depends on the work of the brain in this matter. The task of a person is to teach his brain to think positively. To train your brain to be happy, you can use methods such as:

  • Set your brain to positive;
  • Use as many positive words as possible;
  • Follow association usage method;
  • Include gratitude method;
  • Make a list of all the times you were happy;
  • Focus on the positive;
  • Add “But” to your sentences;
  • Don’t make false claims;
  • Listen to happy music.

Being optimistic and happy is always better than looking at any difficult situation through the prism of fears and previous negative experiences. In addition to having fewer health problems, optimists positively affect their social relationships and career achievements. Most people would rather be friends with a happy person, which puts the optimist in demand. Also, there are theories that optimistic people are more successful and likely to get what they want out of life. While pessimists with objectively the same chances doom themselves to failure more often. So being happy is beneficial from any point of view.

This article will look at how to train your brain to be happy.

Steps To Make Your Brain Happy

How To Train Your Brain To Be Happy

We have already talked about why happiness is so important. After all, you do not lose anything because you will look at any events in life with optimism. On the contrary, thanks to hope and faith in a happy outcome, you can quickly cope with any problems. Learning to be happy is also more likely to reduce the risk of anxiety, apathy, depression, and several physical illnesses. Therefore, managing your brain and setting it up for happiness is essential.

We have prepared some tips aimed at how to train your mind to be happy. Let’s take a look at these tips in more detail.

1. Set Your Brain To Positive

You must focus on this critical point to train your brain to be more positive. You can take various tests on the Internet, allowing you to understand how positive your brain is now. Try to fill your life with joyful things and look for something good in every situation. Control yourself from time to time by asking yourself if you are thinking positively.

2. Use As Many Positive Words As Possible

Start by learning as many positive words as you can. When you use positive words in your speech, you force your brain to remember them more and more. At first, you may not believe that remembering positive words is an effective way to train your brain to be happy. However, this is so. It is because when you force your brain to use positive words, they become more accessible and quickly activated in your brain. Therefore, if you practice this method, you will notice how positive words come to your mind more often, and you will feel a little happier.

It is clear that at the very beginning, you will be unable to come up with many positive words. Mainly if before that they had not been used very often before. However, constantly work on adding new happy words to your vocabulary.

3. Association Usage Method

Surely you know the example in which Pavlov trained his dogs to make them drool every time he rang the bell. Before that, he tried to make the sound of a bell associated with food in dogs, which is why it worked. You can use something similar to this example. Define an object with which you associate the need to enjoy the moment. So it could be a red car. Every time you see a red car, remind yourself that you are trying to enjoy the positive. Thus, passing each red car, you will again look for some positives and, as a result, become noticeably happier.

4. Gratitude Method

There is a theory that gratitude for all the good things that are now in a person’s life makes a person happier. Try every morning after waking up and before bed to remember and list all the good things that make your brain happy. Also, thank yourself for both old achievements and new ones. Notice every little thing; it doesn’t have to be a Nobel Prize. The fact that you are healthy, that you were able to solve any of your problems, and to achieve the desired result at work are really important things, although sometimes we forget about them. Remembering all the good things in your life will bring you one step closer to happiness.

5. List All The Times You Were Happy

Every day, write down the things that made you happy. Studies have shown that people who write down events that made them happy in the past feel much more satisfied. Write down even the smallest details. Perhaps someone you like has given you a compliment or a marriage proposal. Most likely, these were the happiest moments for you. Re-read your notes from time to time and add fresh ones.

6. Focus On The Positive

One of the previous tips was to write down all the achievements that happened to you. However, some people tend to be pessimistic about their progress. So, for example, if you achieved the desired result in the first half of the week, you will most likely scold yourself for the second less productive half of the week. This approach will not make you happy. Remind yourself as often as possible to focus on the positive. Pay more attention to the good things that make your brain happy that happened to you than negative experiences.

7. Add “But” To Your Sentences

The but particle helps to complement the pessimistic part of the sentence with an optimistic one. Often people utter rather pessimistic phrases and do not suspect that this makes them less happy. However, adding the second part to these phrases after the word will help you find hope and feel harmony. So, for example, if you have been telling yourself all your life that it seems to you that you will never become a good specialist, add the word “but” and add an optimistic part of the sentence. It might sound like this: “I think I will never become a good specialist, but I know people who had less knowledge than me and achieved the desired result”.

8. Don’t Make False Claims

You may want to get happy faster, and following the previous advice, decide to reformulate your phrases to be completely positive. However, on the contrary, it can prevent you from achieving happiness. For example, if instead of the phrase I think I will never become a good specialist, but I know others who had less knowledge who could achieve great success, you will say the phrase I am a good specialist, this will not help you. You now understand that you are not a good specialist, but pronouncing such false beliefs will not allow your brain to believe in happiness because it knows this is false. Therefore this one will not work. Such a practice, on the contrary, can make you sink into sadness due to self-deception.

9. Listen To Mood Boosting Music

Listening to music that brings you happiness will bring you to a good mood. You can always take your headphones and listen to your favorite songs anywhere. The main thing is that the songs you listen to please you, are not associated with anything sad, and do not tire you.

Extra Solution

In addition to the fact that you should tune your brain to be positive, it is worth using other methods of preventing depression. So, if you often feel depressed, you should consult a doctor to get an examination. You may also want to work with a psychologist. Other options include adding vitamins and supplements to your diet.

Bottom Line

Thus, we have told you why it is important to remain optimistic. Also, we have given you some effective recommendations on how to train your brain to be happy. You should always talk to yourself: “Happiness in my mind, and I can make myself happy on my own”.

We should also say that our health, happiness, and mood depend on whether we get enough nutrients.


How to train your brain to be happy?

To train your brain to be happier, you must look for the positive in your life at every turn. Also, practice the thanksgiving method. Every day, list three things for yourself for which you are grateful. You can learn to stay positive even when things go wrong.

How to have a happy mindset?

To have a happy mindset, you need to work on your life’s stress levels and see the positive side of every situation. So, you need to develop your resilience, work on self-esteem, praise yourself even for minimal achievements, and more often remember those moments when you were happy.

How to retrain your brain to be happy?

If you notice that you look at many difficulties in a somewhat pessimistic way, this can be a problem. To think more optimistically, try to find positive things in every situation, meditate, and eliminate any stress from life. If you practice these methods consistently, you will quickly notice that your brain feels happier.

Why can the human brain be pessimistic?

The human brain has evolved and begun to think more pessimistically about many aspects of life. It was because such an approach saved a person from danger, forcing him to control the ongoing processes and not miss the danger carefully. However, a person has nothing to take care of his safety so intensely in our time. So, because of this, many people would like to start thinking more positively.

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