Lack Of Focus: Cause Of Lack Of Concentration And Treatment

Published on November 14th, 2022

Last updated on March 7th, 2023

“Why do I have a hard time concentrating?” Probably, you have problems with attention. Among the potential reasons for the lack of focus are:

  • poor quality sleep;
  • stress;
  • severe fatigue;
  • famine;
  • lack of nutrients;
  • overworking;
  • attention disorders.

At first, we ignore it because we don’t think it’s an issue. But over time, it becomes an obstacle in our everyday life. If such reasons bother you for a long time, sooner or later, they will lead to an inability to concentrate. These disturbances are better not to ignore, as they can cause many negative consequences.

In the lack of attention, memory can even deteriorate. Usually, it is caused by severe stress and a lack of vitamins. You should take appropriate measures in such cases by consulting a neurologist, psychiatrist, or psychologist. You can also use effective and safe folk remedies to activate the brain and improve concentration.

5 Reasons For Lack Of Focus

Sometimes we need to focus on things, but we keep getting distracted. Usually, people associate this phenomenon with laziness and unwillingness to do it. However, a lack of concentration and focus can be caused by more severe problems. Your inability to pay attention to specific things can indicate diseases and issues in the body. And this can be caused by specific reasons, for example:

1. Deficit Of Vitamins


There can be problems with attention if a person lacks trace elements and vitamins, which are necessary for everyday life. B vitamins and iron are especially important:

  • Their lack makes people unable to concentrate, and over time it has a horrible effect on health;
  • Without any vitamins in the body, it will be in a reduced tone. Moreover, fatigue will appear.

So, there will be no energy to fulfill the brain’s basic needs. It will be difficult to concentrate on work tasks in such a state. It’s why taking food supplements for mental performance or consuming vitamins from food is essential.

2. Multitasking

multitasking as a reason of stress

Constant tension and excessive focus on tasks do not give a positive result. It worsens the situation because multitasking:

  • Reduces efficiency;
  • Aggravates productivity;
  • Causes rapid fatigue.

When a person tries to concentrate on more than one task, they cannot automatically concentrate. So, if you have many plans for the day, consider that you will have to fulfill them step-by-step.

3. Anxiety

a girl is meditating for stress relief

A person is unable to concentrate when feeling anxious. It is related to:

  • Internal experiences;
  • A feeling of panic;
  • Approaching danger.

A person can not focus on other things besides worries in such an emotional state. So, it is the main reason for the lack of focus. And it gets even worse when the anxiety goes into a more destructive phase. Then a person can not even think about ordinary everyday things because all attention is only on negative feelings. Therefore, if this problem still needs to be solved, it won’t be easy to regain concentration.

4. Lack of Sleep

a woman is sleeping to get rid of stress

Lack of sleep causes lethargy and low productivity, and impaired cognitive skills. When this problem appears, the ability to focus on a task deteriorates. Therefore, poor sleep is one of the most important causes of lack of concentration:

  • People who devote little time to sleep do not desire to do anything;
  • When performing some tasks, they can not concentrate because they want to sleep and think only about it.

So, it is crucial to allocate a daily rate of sleep to maintain the ability to work productively.

5. Environment

a girl is working at home

Your concentration also depends on where you work. The background should be quiet and calm and give you pleasure. But you are unlikely to concentrate if you surround yourself with noisy conversations of people and negative energy. It’s no secret that we need silence and peace for productivity because such distractions as:

  • Social media;
  • People;
  • Noisy sounds from the window;
  • TV;
  • And other excessive noises only worsen our attention.

But besides all that, environmental factors such as temperature, lighting, and so on also can cause a lack of concentration. If it is hot in the room or there is not enough light in the space, your thoughts will be focused only on discomfort. Therefore, avoiding a negative environment and creating comfort is important.

How To Improve Concentration?

We can not even notice how we distract from our tasks, so knowing how to treat and avoid such issues is essential. But remember that you need to treat yourself regularly. It helps to maintain good results and reduce the lack of concentration faster. Therefore, if you are unable to concentrate and want to get rid of it as soon as possible, keep methods how to treat the lack of focus:

1. Create Schedules

a girl is making notes

Do you make a to-do list for the day? If not, this is probably your cause of lack of focus. A step-by-step work plan is essential because it helps you focus on what you need to do. So, it’s good:

  • Make a list of tasks you must complete daily;
  • In addition, be sure to write the specific hour of performing these duties.

It will work for you as motivation. And your concentration efficiency will improve twofold.

2. Take Breaks Between Tasks

a woman is taking a break from working from home

If you wonder why you have a hard time concentrating, you don’t take breaks between tasks. Therefore, we recommend:

  • Resting during work so your brain renews its performance and recharges with energy;
  • It is important to give it at least a few minutes of rest, which will immediately contribute to better focus.

So, as soon as you feel tired and can focus on implementing the task, rest immediately. Such a scheme is very effective and helps to cope with studies or work more efficiently.

3. Take Vitamins

Vitamins are a source of valuable components that can restore concentration and focus on specific tasks. When our body consumes enough nutrients, all body functions, including the brain, improve. So, it is essential:

  • Consume healthy food to enhance cognitive functions and eliminate a lack of concentration and focus;
  • But if you have nutrition problems and can’t forget about your favorite treats, you can take vitamins as food supplements. It can even be regular drops for a strong immune system;
  • The main thing is to consume a sufficient amount of them so your body does not experience a deficiency and works appropriately.

Liquid vitamins are also one of the best options to avoid problems with concentration. Their content with adaptogens improves mental performance and enhances cognitive processes’ functioning.

4. Do Sports

a girl is doing sports

For some, the word ”sport” immediately causes panic and fatigue because not everyone likes to exercise. However, to avoid the inability to concentrate, you can:

  • Go to the gym or run in the morning;
  • do easy physical activity during the day. 15-30 minutes is enough to activate the brain and improve your focus on the task;
  • take a brisk walk in the fresh air. Such training helps to saturate the brain with oxygen, increasing our attention.

Therefore, give at least a minimum of your attention to sports to maintain productivity and focus.

5. Brain Training

solving crosswords

Regular brain involvement in various new tasks improves its remembering and prevents a lack of focus. Memory training builds new connections between nerve cells, improving overall brain activity. Therefore, spend half an hour daily on tasks for the brain. You can do this with the help:

  • Logic games;
  • Puzzles;
  • Crosswords;
  • Sudoku;
  • Particular entertaining tasks on the Internet.

These games effectively stimulate brain activity and thus improve concentration.


As you can see, even routine bad habits that we ignore can be harmful and cause an inability to concentrate. Inadequate sleep or severe fatigue already has a significant impact on your body. Therefore, preventing such problems and quickly finding them out is crucial. The correct approach to solving these issues will help you treat a lack of focus and improve your well-being.


How To Better Concentrate On Specific Tasks?

You need to create hourly plans, use meditative music, and consume sufficient vitamins for brain function. Short breaks between work tasks or lessons are also recommended not to be distracted more frequently.

How Can I Focus On Studying?

First of all, you need to create an appropriate atmosphere so that you feel comfortable studying. Next, create a step-by-step training plan and follow it. And to better concentrate on tasks, it is recommended to set a timer and try to do everything in time.

What Vitamins Are Good For Concentration?

Vitamins of group B are considered the most effective for good brain function. They have a beneficial effect on thinking processes and focus, improving memory and enhancing mood. Vitamin B3 can also be a good option. It raises the concentration level and is the key to a healthy nervous system.

Can Young People Have Bad Concentration?

Of course. Lack of concentration can appear at any age. It occurs both in the young and in the elderly. The reasons can be different, but if you do not saturate your body with nutrients and keep leading a harmful lifestyle, such a problem can arise even in teenagers.

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